Things you need to know about Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in our bathrooms.They give us the reassurance that we look great for the day or night ahead but they also a bit of style and grace to the bathroom as well. Wall bathroom mirrors can be dressed up and framed into different shapes and to match the theme and design of your bathroom. Adding framing lighting and decorative pieces around  wall mirrors really bring a sense of completeness to your bathroom.

Square Mirrors -Not So Boring Anymore

Square bathroom mirrors are a basic choice that can be made to go with any bathroom style. More often a large square or rectangle span for a length of the vanity for the users view .  Square wall mirrors usually come pretty basic, but there are things you can do to the mirror to make it match the rest of the bathroom design. Framing is a great way to break up a large square bathroom mirror. Nice colored molding makes for an interesting visual addition to any wall mirror . Including lights or any other kind of break up the look of a large mirror can make your bathroom look more unique. A ledge can also be added to the mirror to allow for a place to add decorative cups and soap bowls.

Round Bathroom Mirrors- Looking Good

Round bathroom mirrors lend a certain personal touch in a bathroom. It’s a focus piece meant to reflect just what’s important . Wall light fixtures on both sides of the mirror accent the round features. Borders on a round mirror can make it feel bulky if done too wide, however the vanity make the mirror look exceptional as well .

Round mirrors can be small and really focused or they can be a large and almost awe inspiring in a space. They look great when they’re floating but it’s also impressive when they look like they’ve been hung really well like a photo .Round Mirrors also allow you to get really creative with backsplashes or wallpapers along the wall behind them.

Storage – I Need More Space

You need so much stuff when you’re in the bathroom from lotions, hair brushes, razors and so much more .Some bathroom mirrors have to pull double duty because the vanity in the bathroom doesn’t have space to place things in . Medicine cabinet style mirrors are square and can be mounted on the wall. Shelves inside don’t provide a lot of space but they can be useful as storage for everyday things like toothbrushes, hair pins and deodorants. Some style medicine cabinets open on a hinge at outward and other kinds slide on a track to reveal storage behind the mirror. If you want a larger cabinet they can be customized with space on the inside, a luxurious addition to any bathroom.

Framing – How Does It Look

Mirrors can be framed a number of creative ways . You can make your mirror look like a picture perfect piece of art. Framing your mirror makes it look clean and upgraded and very purposeful Framings bring purpose to your lighting choices. It can be done with picture frame or if you can’t find a picture frame you can use floor and ceiling pieces which can be made into a real creative design. Another way to frame can be with reclaimed wood, tile or bamboo . Whatever you decide to frame your mirror with adding how much style.

Custom Shapes – As Unique As You Are

Maybe round and Square just don’t fit your idea of a perfect wall mirror for your bathroom. Fret not, mirrors can be ordered and just about any size and shape you can imagine . This will lead to an exquisite look that will be unrivaled by any other bathroom around. Custom shaped wall mirrors designs show your inner creativity. A custom mirror can really make your space feel uniquely modern or uniquely vintage depending your aim and design. There are so many cool and unique ways to make a mirror more than just a reflection. It can be a work of art that just so happens to be in your bathroom.

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It’s always recommended that you measure the space you have so that you can guess roughly how much space do you need for custom wall mirror . Also consider if you’d like a trim or border around . Also whether anything else will be hung near the mirror like shelves or lighting fixtures . Placing a light fixtures around your wall mirrors in your bathroom ensure that you get the perfect reflection when using it. Depending on your design you can add lights above, below and even behind the mirror to create is stunning display. Shelves around your mirror can add decorations and extra towels for your guest to enjoy .

Mirrors in the bathroom are more than just a space for you to look at yourself. They can be a work of art in your bathroom yourself and your guest to enjoy . They come in all shapes and sizes, helping further design you have going on in your bathroom. Framing and storage are important to accents and finish the look .

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