The Best Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Mirrors have a functional purpose, but they are also a great design feature that you can use to enhance your home. Try these ideas.

Make a Mirror the Room’s Focal Point

Mirrors work great in rooms where they are the focal point and/or main feature. There are other ways to use mirrors, of course, but you can really change the look of a room by using a mirror rather than artwork or a television as the room’s focal point.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Views

Do you have a fantastic view out of your window? You can enhance this by using a mirror to reflect the view. It can take time to get the position right, but it’s worth it. The obvious place to position the mirror is on a wall that is opposite the window but try walls that are perpendicular too.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

Even if you don’t have a great view, a mirror in a room can also be used to maximise natural light. Usually, the best position for a mirror when this is one of your objectives is adjacent to the windows.

Spread Soft Light

You can also use mirrors to subtly and gently spread soft light in your rooms without adding additional artificial lighting. This is particularly beneficial in bedrooms where you use a mirror positioned close to a lamp to maximise the impact of its light.

Add Space to Rooms with Mirrors

One of the biggest advantages of using mirrors in your home is they make rooms look bigger. You will need a mirror that is a decent size but when you do, the room will instantly appear more spacious.

Go with a Big Mirror in a Small Room

Following on from the last point, the bigger the better. This applies to small rooms too, so don’t be afraid of adding a big mirror – even something that is floor to ceiling. In fact, the bigger the mirror you use in a small room, the more spacious it will feel.

Be Aware of What is Being Reflected

Some of the points above highlight the benefits of reflecting nice views and light into your room. It is also possible, however, to reflect something into the room which is not as nice. So, before you decide on a position for your mirror, make sure you check what you will be able to see from different angles in the room.

Use Mirrors to Add Texture

The easiest way to do this is with a mirror frame. You have much more creative freedom with a mirror frame than you do with a picture frame which enables you to add texture to the room. Unique frames that are 3D will help you achieve this.

Use Mirrors to Enhance Decor

The style of mirror you choose can also add to the room’s style and can finish the room.

Place Mirrors with a Purpose

Make sure you place mirrors around your home strategically as it is possible to go overboard. Also, don’t simply add a mirror to fill a space on a wall. Instead, place them carefully and think about what is being reflected.

Use Mirrors Outdoors

Mirrors can have effects that are just as dramatic outdoors as indoors. You can add a sense of space to outside areas, create optical illusions, add design features, and more.

Finally, don’t limit yourself to the mirrors you see for sale in shops. When you use custom mirror design, your options with mirrors are almost endless.

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