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How to Clean Glass Streak-Free Like A Pro

Follow the five simple tips from professionals to get a lasting shine on your glass and helps in Streak-Free Glass Cleaning

Let’s say you have a huge house, it has many glass work done in many places. You have a beautiful pool with a glass fence, an elegant bathroom with glass showers and huge mirror and a splashback mirror in the kitchen.

All these glass instalments need a good cleaning, either you need to hire a professional to do the job, or you deem to do it yourself. In any case, it will cost you nothing to know some basic and interesting tips as to how it is done the right way; even if you don’t live in a huge house.

Clean Water

Although this might sound mundane, clean water is the most important tool of a trade when it comes to cleaning glass. Of course, everyone knows what a clean water is, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The thing about glass is that you can see everything with it; all the minute details. This means if you are using hard water from the tape, all the particles and minerals will stick to your glass and you will end up with a shiny glass with streaks and lint on it.

Use distilled water, especially if you are diluting your glass cleaner.There are many ways to make distilled water.

Vinegar for Streak-Free Glass Cleaning

Vinegar stands out from the crowd, it is your winning candidate for removing stains from practically anything. The odour may irk you for the first few minutes but it will go away soon. After all its cleaning your glass for almost no price. Just make a vinegar solution, put it in a spray bottle, and sprinkle sparingly on the glass surface. Who needs chemical cleaners, when you can make an organic one yourself.

Don’t be soapy

The common mistakes that most people do, when glass cleaning , and perhaps this is the most commonly misunderstood perception, is to create so much soap on the surface. The fewer suds on glass the lesser streaks. Unless your glass has some deposits on it, coffee, tea or pet-food stains you should add some soap to your solution, but be gentle and go easy. Just make enough for the stains to go away.

Microfibre, not paper towels

Microfibres are life-savers when it comes to glass cleaning . Gone are the days when people used to carry huge rolls, paper and tissues. Microfibre will leave no streaks on your glass while paper towels will; a lot! So save your glass from an unlimited number of streaks and give the microfibre a thumbs-up. If you don’t have microfibre, go for your morning newspaper. It also does the job well, but don’t forget to wear gloves or you will have all the ink on your hands.

Dry Cloth

Last but certainly not the least; buff it clean. Again the microfibre cloth is an ideal, but if you have an old clean rag that should be fine too. This should be a quick job, just the final touches to the job you have done well. Afterall, you don’t want any streaks left behind. This part of the job, if done regularly after a thorough cleaning, can save your glass from accumulating a whole lot streaks and dirt.

So be it your kitchen splashbacks, the mirror and glass shower in your bathroom, pool-fence or the fancy glass balustrade; if you follow these helpful tips to clean them you are doing a wonderful job.

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