Glass Pool Fence Auckland

Glass Pool Fences

Having a fence around your pool is essential for the safety of your family and others visiting your home. The problem is many styles of fence don’t look attractive. This is not the case with glass pool fences solutions at Max Glass – they are effective, and they look great too.

Our glass pool fences mean you can create a stunning outside space around your pool that is completely safe. In fact, our glass pool fences exceed all existing safety standards. The frameless glass, however, makes the fence inconspicuous so the area is brighter and feels more open. There is no better solution for your pool.

How it Works

  • Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange a site visit
  • We’ll check and measure your pool area
  • You’ll get advice on your options plus we’ll give you a free quote
  • We complete all the design work ensuring it meets your requirements before work begins
  • The installation is completed by our experienced on-site teams
  • We tidy up the area leaving it ready to use once we leave

A pool fence is an important part of any backyard pool space . No matter how large or small your pool is a swimming pool fence adds safety to the area. You wouldn’t purchase a car without airbags, so you shouldnt have a pool without a fence. Max Glass pool fences are not only safe but they are stylish as well. They allow for an unobstructed view of your backyard with the benefits of a safe barrier. Our glass fence is a modern stylish touch to any backyard area that you’ll be glad to have for a lifetime.

Glass Pool Fence Installation Auckland

No matter what size the project know that Max glass has you covered. We take the time to understand the needs and the design of our clients so that we can make their pool fence dreams come true. We’ll discuss your needs and come out to the site to get a good idea of the space and size requirements. Well give you a list of options to choose from and give you a quote for the work. Our experienced on site team will install your new glass fence with care and safety we have come to be known for.

Style options

  • Framed allows you to choose a material like steel or wood or aluminum for the framing of your glass
  • Frameless is a seamless option where the glass is just held in by brackets
  • Etched glass give you options to add designs or family brands to the glass face
  • Privacy glass give you some privacy from neighbors
  • Clear glass gives a clear unobstructed view of the pool and the rest of the yard

We carry a wide array of options so that you can choose what works best for your backyard space.

Glass Pool Fence Installation

Pool drowning is a tragedy and at Max Glass we believe it is preventable. Parents choose Max Glass as the best protective step to build beautiful and safe glass pool fences to keep their loved one safe from the pool.  A child should never be left unattended in a pool areas and our pool fences add an extra layer of safety for your backyard. When it comes to the safety of your family there can be no compromise. Max Glass takes safety and customer satisfaction as top priorities and we aim to give you the safest and nicest backyard in the neighborhood.

Why Choose Max Glass

We are a local business that knows what it takes to grow. Amazing customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. We know that you expect amazing quality work and friendly service. We aim to deliver the best services so that you recommend us to all of your friends and business contacts. We pride ourselves on being the best in glass in Auckland adn being there for the safety of your family.

  • Professionals- We know how to handle the installation of your glass fence. We give you the assurance that your pool fence and backyard is in good hands from start to finish.
  • Experts in glass- No one knows more about glass and the factors that change it.  Rest assured that we know the types of glass and hardware that are going to be the best for your pool fence.
  • Incredible reputation – We take customer satisfaction as a priority only second to safety. Our customers recommend us over over and over again.
  • Prices- We have the incredible quality and craftsmanship at a price that can’t be beat. We aim to give you styles and options that fit any budget.
  • High quality- We only use high quality materials to ensure the life and safety of your swimming pool fence. We know you want your pool to look great and that’s what we do best to make your pool fence dreams come together
  • Safety- Safety is our number one priority on the job and for the life of your pool fence. Your pool fence has to stand up to all kinds of weather conditions and we make sure that it will last no matter what the condition

Swimming Pool Fences Services Auckland Wide

If you want a quote from the best company in New Zealand, Max Glass can come out to your space and give you a quote for your own custom swimming pool fence. Let us show you why we are number one in customer satisfaction and safety. Let us show you the wide variety of options we have to give your glass fence an amazing look feel as well as be functional for your space .No matter what color or finish you choose for your pool fence know that Max Glass will help you achieve you design dreams and give you the extra layer of protection around your pool area so you can rest easy that your loved ones are safe.

Start the Process Now

Whether you want a new fence for your pool or you’re having a new pool installed, our glass pool fences are the ideal solution. Call today on 02102687818 to get your free quote.