Handrails For Your Glass Balustrade

So you’ve chosen a glass balustrade for your home or business. Congrats and what a good choice you’ve made. A glass balustrade not only adds a unique design feature to your space but it is also a long lasting feature you will love. When you’ve chosen the location and the type of glass balustrade you also have to choose the types of railing and fitting you want to have. The most popular materials to choose from are stainless steel, brass and wood. Each lends something different to your design and allows you to make something special.

If you choose a framed glass balustrade then the material that you choose will be a large feature encompassing the glass itself and holding it onto its footings, as well as the railing and finishings. If your choose a frameless glass balustrade then your more likely just to have a handrail made out of the material. No matter what you choose your going to love the way it looks when its finished.

Wood Tones

Wood is such a natural material and it really blends in well with a lot of different designs and themes. A wooden handrail is a unique design because the majority of the glass balustrade will be just that glass. But the mix of materials give the opportunity to be more than just a cold wall of glass. The wood ground the glass balustrade in the design of the rest of the home. The wooden handrail can make it feel like a warmer feature and can be stained in variety of different shades to fit the space.

Stainless Steel

Steel is a more traditional material used for glass balustrades but that doesnt mean its boring. Steel is another material that can make anything look spectacular. When you think steel you think strength and long lasting, that’s exactly what you will get when you pair your glass balustrade with a steel handle rail. The stainless steel gives you the classic modern industrial look that you come to expect from a glass balustrade.

Golden Brass

Brass is a material that is a little out of the box and can’t be done halfway. Its either all or nothing if you choose to be bold with brass finishes.Brass had the ability to make your modern design a little softer and more industrial looking. It can be done in a number of different shades that will make your guest take a second look. Brass can take your space from looking hum drum to look expensive and upscale. All of the finishes and fitting done in brass shined up real well can make the gold color shine through so well.

There are so many ways to customize your glass balustrade to make it fit your space and be uniquely you. The railings and the fitting are just one of the many options. Weather you choose wood, stainless steel or brass to complement the design you have running through your home or business.

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