The Ultimate Guide to Choose Pool Fence

Pools are the best feature in any backyard. Summers get hot and sometimes it’s the only way to get the kids from in front of the TV. Outdoor space is enhanced with entertainments in a pool. However while enjoying a pool adding a swimming pool fence can help with safety. Pool fences keep kids and pets safe in off-seasons and also help maintain a sense of separate space feel like the pool is in the whole backyard.

Glass Pool Fence

Glass fences are sleek and modern. They provide protection for in-ground pools without creating an eyesore in the yard. The glass can be frame-less and look very simple and sleek without obstructing your landscape or pool views. You can also have it framed with pillars of a range of different materials to make it extra special. A really cool feature is some glass pool fences is that they can be frosted to make a truly unique and one-of-a-kind design. Glass fences are beautiful as they are functional.

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When deciding on a glass pool fence you must decide how tall you’d like it to stand. Do you want it to stand at waist-length or do you want it to just stand a little taller almost like a glass wall around your pool. Your glass wall is going to be made out of several panels. Your installer will ask about how wide and how tall you would like the glass to be to see options that you are trying. They also ask how large your pool is to ensure that if you have a large pool you’re not using a lot of tiny panes of glass to cover a large area.

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You will also decide how far away from your pool you would like the fence. Do you want it to enclose the pool all the way to the edge or do you want to leave a good amount of walking room and space. Your installer will give you lots of advice how far or how close from the pool you’ll want to place the fence. Ideally you want to leave enough room the pool then the question becomes do you want enough room for furniture like chairs and tables or do you just want enough room for a walkway to make it all the way around the pool. Another option is to make the fence come closer to the pool on one side and farther away from it on the other side.

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How many openings do you want in your glass pool fence? Do you want it just to open in one location or would you like more panels to open and close. It’s important to know where the opening for your glass pool will be. Will you have more than one door or pane of glass that pushes in or out of the pool area? Or will it just be a break in the pains that creates a entryway into your pool. Then how many entryways do you want? That’s when the purpose of the fence is called into question. Are you trying to keep kids and animals out of your pool safely in the backyard? Or are you just creating a visual boundary from pool to backyard?

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Would you like it to be frame-less almost seemingly one large piece of glass? Pool fences can come one of three ways frameless and semi frameless and framed. Each has a unique set of options to offer the owner. Frameless offers an unobstructed view of your pool area and the illusion that there is no barrier there at all. Framed glass fences contain glass panes that are held in by stainless steel posts. Semi-frameless is a mixture of both the poster there but they do not cover the tops and bottoms the painting of glass. Each has a unique features to offer once you’ve made your decision your contractor should be able to make your dream come true.

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Another consideration to make when choosing your class fence is whether you want the glass to be clear or etched or tempered. Each choice will give your glass pool fence a different look overall. Clear glass pool fences are common they offer an unobstructed view of the pool and other landscape. It makes the design very modern and offers clean lines. Etched glass can be attached with either a design or logo or It can be just made to look like etched glass. This won’t give you the clearview’s into your pool area but it can provide a bit of privacy. Tempered glass is for safety sake if you have small children. This glass is made to be stronger and withstand a good amount of pressure.

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Pool fences are great addition to any backyard. It creates safety and peace of mind to enjoy the pool the backyard together even when you’re not using the pool in off-seasons. There a lot of decisions to make once you decide ona glass pool fence. Your contractor can discuss more of your options as well as installation.

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