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Glass For Balustrades and More

A modern look for your classy home

Your home is a reflection of your own personal style and taste. If you like clean lines and open space feeling throughout your home then it may be a good idea to add more glass features to your home design. This can be accomplished with some non traditional features that will not only open your space up but also make it feel high class and expensive. Often times glass is used in modern designs but it can be added to contemporary and even industrial designs to give your guest that wow factor. Stairs, balustrade, splashbacks and other home features can be made of glass or incorporate glass to achieve a look that is to die for even if your design isnt strictly modern.

Glass balustrade

A glass balustrade offers an excellent opportunity for more open floor plan. A glass balustrade inside your home is a unique feature that allows light to come in and travel upstairs , downstairs and all over. Gone are the dark corners. They look beautiful framed or frameless and a glass balustrade service can help you choose a style that is right for your home. You’ll also beaboe to choose hardware material which can really tie the whole space together. A glass balustrade service can start at the landing of your stairs and wind all the way down your staircase. A glass balustrade service is a just one way to get more glass features into your home design.

Glass Balcony

If the outside of your home is of modern design then a glass balcony may be a feature you may want to include. On the back of the home with large or just a small sitting area outside of your bedroom a glass balcony gives unobstructed views of the area. It looks so amazing and is the ultimate in outdoor living . even if your home is not designed modern on the outside it still makes for an interesting and eye catching feature for the outside of your home.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks in the kitchen are a practical yet beautiful use of glass in your home. Glass splashbacks come in so many shapes and sizes it’s easy to customize to fit the theme or style of your kitchen.the glass splashback is practical as well as functional because it is easy to clean when food gets on it. It protects the wall and possibly any art you may have painted behind it. In kitchens it important that splashbacks to blend seamlessly between the countertops and the cabinets and glass allows you to do that.

Glass is such a versatile material that looks great all over the home. It’s often seen in modern designs and appreciated for its clean lines and its ability to make a space feel more open. But even if you don’t have a modern theme in your home there are still many ways in which you can use glass to create eye catching features.

Most asked questions about a glass balustrade

So you’re wondering if a glass balustrade is the right choice for your home, but you have some questions. Good , that means you are serious about making the right choice for your home or office. Glass balustrades are an amazing addition to any home or office space. They allow for unobstructed views in the space and allow for light and air to flow throughout. They can be customized in a number of different way to fit the space. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about maintenance customization and safety to give you a piece of mind as you make your decisions.


With all that glass what does maintenance for a glass balustrade look like. You’ll see that after your glass balustrade installation indoor or outdoor maintenance is pretty easy. Simple water and a squeegee are really all you need indoors and for an outdoor space you would add white vinegar to the routine. If you have small children or if it’s in a high traffic office space then you may have to clean it once or twice a week to keep fingerprints and smudges to a minimum but it’s not very labor intensive.


Safety can be a big concern when committing to so much glass in your home or office. But you don’t have to worry because the glass that is used in the glass balustrade installation is solid. You can rest assured that this is not the glass that you see in windows or french doors. This glass is thick and it is securely fastened to the hardware to make it sometimes the safest thing in your home. If your worried about height, building regulation and company standards ensure that the glass is tall enough.

Odd angles

Not all home are created the same. If your worried about the odd angle of stairs or landing in your home, don’t sweat the small stuff. Glass balustrade installation is custom to your space so no matter how many stairs are in a funny shape or angle your glass balustrade will fit seamlessly. Handrails add a level of security in tight angles so that you always have something to hold on to. You can have a cool feature even if your home or office is strangely configured or designed.

A glass balustrade is a unique feature for your home or office space. It doesn’t matter how your space is designed or laid out your glass balustrade installation will be customized to fit all your needs and safety concerns. Maintenance is relatively simple and doesn’t require any special tools you don’t already have in your home or office. You’ll be able to enjoy the open and unobstructed views in your home and office and appreciate the flow of light throughout the space. If you have any more questions about how a glass balustrade will fit into your home or business make sure to contact a company and ask.

Glass balustrade installation

All You need to know about Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades give your indoor staircase a distinctive modern and clean finish. It makes your stairs more than just functional, it makes it feel like a piece of art in a museum. Glass Balustrades give a room more open feel allowing an unobstructed view of your upstairs second story. It allows for the light to flow through the home easily and makes rooms brighter .It is as beautiful as it is functional and maintenance is low. There are a few questions that your contractor will ask you before installation day of your glass balustrades. Each decision will ensure that the end product is everything you’ve envisioned for your space.

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Common question is how thick the glass has to be for your glass balustrades. Your contractors should be able to tell you what the requirements are for your residential space or commercial space. Your contractor should know the building codes for your state in order to tell how thick the to be. Another consideration would be whether to use tempered glass if you have children or if it’s in a commercial setting in order to avoid any broken or chipped panels.

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Another important decision to make when having a glass plus balustrade installed is how large you want your panels to be and how tall are you would like them as well. Depending on how the panels are going to be clamped and bolted to the structure it’s going to make a difference about how tall and how wide your panels can be. If you have a staircase that’s in a strange angle or placement a good question is whether the glass will be able to be cut to fit the space.

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A question that your contractor may ask you is whether or not you want your glass balustrade has to be frameless or not. Frameless glass balustrade can have only  the steel struts to hold the glass panes to the structure. It is beautiful and an unobstructed view of your second floor and almost feels as if the glass is just floating in place. Your handrail would have to be added to the opposite wall of the glass as there is nothing to attach it to other than the glass. This also ensures that guest don’t touch your glass as often. Adding a frame to your glass balusters means that frames are to be placed before the glass panes inserted. This creates a framed glass that allows you to also add a handrail on to the frame for safety and stability. It also give you more choices as to what materials you want to make to hand rails out of, weather it be steel or timber or wire.

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Another important consideration is weather or not the glass will be etched or if it will be clear.  Clear glass is a very beautiful and simple design feature allowing for it to blend in well with decor that will be around it. Etched glass offers a bit of privacy in area where you might not want to be able to see all the way through. Etched glass can also allow you to design logos and and art onto the glass, giving a commercial space a chance to make an impression when clients and customer walk through the door. You can further customize the balustrade by adding handrails that can be powder coated in a variety of colors to match the scheme of your design.

Maintenance should also be an important thing you discuss with your contractor before installation. Will the wires keep tension in them? Will the steel posts and struts rust? How often is it okay to clean these surfaces? Your going to want to ensure that the supplier of your materiels can provide replacement pieces and make sure they offer a warranty on the parts. Your contractor should also offer a warranty on installation as well as repairs to give you peace of mind that no matter what you’ll be covered.

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Never settle for less than an amazing finished product. A glass balustrade is an excellent addition to any home or business bring a kind of class and modern art feel to. Ensuring that you ask the right questions like size of panels, framed or frameless , handrail choices and more. Each decision will culminate to the larger beautiful piece .While there are quite a few considerations to make before you make it to installation day the end product will be unforgettable.

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