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Glass For Balustrades and More

A modern look for your classy home

Your home is a reflection of your own personal style and taste. If you like clean lines and open space feeling throughout your home then it may be a good idea to add more glass features to your home design. This can be accomplished with some non traditional features that will not only open your space up but also make it feel high class and expensive. Often times glass is used in modern designs but it can be added to contemporary and even industrial designs to give your guest that wow factor. Stairs, balustrade, splashbacks and other home features can be made of glass or incorporate glass to achieve a look that is to die for even if your design isnt strictly modern.

Glass balustrade

A glass balustrade offers an excellent opportunity for more open floor plan. A glass balustrade inside your home is a unique feature that allows light to come in and travel upstairs , downstairs and all over. Gone are the dark corners. They look beautiful framed or frameless and a glass balustrade service can help you choose a style that is right for your home. You’ll also beaboe to choose hardware material which can really tie the whole space together. A glass balustrade service can start at the landing of your stairs and wind all the way down your staircase. A glass balustrade service is a just one way to get more glass features into your home design.

Glass Balcony

If the outside of your home is of modern design then a glass balcony may be a feature you may want to include. On the back of the home with large or just a small sitting area outside of your bedroom a glass balcony gives unobstructed views of the area. It looks so amazing and is the ultimate in outdoor living . even if your home is not designed modern on the outside it still makes for an interesting and eye catching feature for the outside of your home.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks in the kitchen are a practical yet beautiful use of glass in your home. Glass splashbacks come in so many shapes and sizes it’s easy to customize to fit the theme or style of your kitchen.the glass splashback is practical as well as functional because it is easy to clean when food gets on it. It protects the wall and possibly any art you may have painted behind it. In kitchens it important that splashbacks to blend seamlessly between the countertops and the cabinets and glass allows you to do that.

Glass is such a versatile material that looks great all over the home. It’s often seen in modern designs and appreciated for its clean lines and its ability to make a space feel more open. But even if you don’t have a modern theme in your home there are still many ways in which you can use glass to create eye catching features.

Most asked questions about a glass balustrade

So you’re wondering if a glass balustrade is the right choice for your home, but you have some questions. Good , that means you are serious about making the right choice for your home or office. Glass balustrades are an amazing addition to any home or office space. They allow for unobstructed views in the space and allow for light and air to flow throughout. They can be customized in a number of different way to fit the space. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about maintenance customization and safety to give you a piece of mind as you make your decisions.


With all that glass what does maintenance for a glass balustrade look like. You’ll see that after your glass balustrade installation indoor or outdoor maintenance is pretty easy. Simple water and a squeegee are really all you need indoors and for an outdoor space you would add white vinegar to the routine. If you have small children or if it’s in a high traffic office space then you may have to clean it once or twice a week to keep fingerprints and smudges to a minimum but it’s not very labor intensive.


Safety can be a big concern when committing to so much glass in your home or office. But you don’t have to worry because the glass that is used in the glass balustrade installation is solid. You can rest assured that this is not the glass that you see in windows or french doors. This glass is thick and it is securely fastened to the hardware to make it sometimes the safest thing in your home. If your worried about height, building regulation and company standards ensure that the glass is tall enough.

Odd angles

Not all home are created the same. If your worried about the odd angle of stairs or landing in your home, don’t sweat the small stuff. Glass balustrade installation is custom to your space so no matter how many stairs are in a funny shape or angle your glass balustrade will fit seamlessly. Handrails add a level of security in tight angles so that you always have something to hold on to. You can have a cool feature even if your home or office is strangely configured or designed.

A glass balustrade is a unique feature for your home or office space. It doesn’t matter how your space is designed or laid out your glass balustrade installation will be customized to fit all your needs and safety concerns. Maintenance is relatively simple and doesn’t require any special tools you don’t already have in your home or office. You’ll be able to enjoy the open and unobstructed views in your home and office and appreciate the flow of light throughout the space. If you have any more questions about how a glass balustrade will fit into your home or business make sure to contact a company and ask.

Glass balustrade installation

Handrails For Your Glass Balustrade

So you’ve chosen a glass balustrade for your home or business. Congrats and what a good choice you’ve made. A glass balustrade not only adds a unique design feature to your space but it is also a long lasting feature you will love. When you’ve chosen the location and the type of glass balustrade you also have to choose the types of railing and fitting you want to have. The most popular materials to choose from are stainless steel, brass and wood. Each lends something different to your design and allows you to make something special. Continue reading Handrails For Your Glass Balustrade

Reasons: Why You need Kitchen Splash-Backs

Kitchen splashbacks tiles are functionally a beautiful way to decorate the kitchen during renovation. This small detail saves walls from stains and grease on the walls when you’re cooking. It creates surface that is easy to clean and as beautiful as it is functional. Glass is a common material for backsplashes tiles it can be simple and easy to design with.Glass backsplashes tiles are stunning in any kitchen. They come in a variety of design options that can be customized to fit your personal taste. A few things have to be decided about this small yet important feature of your kitchen, such as placement, color, size. There are a lot of interesting patterns that can be achieved as well as unique wall features that can be enhanced with the use of Kitchen splash-backs.

Splash-Backs Color

With so many colors and materials to choose from it’s hard to decide where to start. Once you decided by a glass Kitchen splash-backs. is for you the next step is to decide what colors would go good in the design. The best way to do this is to choose the color of your countertops and your cabinets. Once you have the these colors you’ll be able to definitively decide what’s looks good up against them. Another color question would be what color is going to go behind the splashback and whether or not you will be able to see the color or the painting behind the splashback. Designs of flowers or even rubber duckies can be seen through a clear splashback. In this way the Splash-Backs acts as more of a protective coating to your custom artwork.

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Another important decision to make is placements. When designing a new kitchen you are going to want to decide whether you want the backsplash to line the entire area between the cabinets and the counter space. Or if you only want it to be behind the stove or just behind the kitchen sink. This can be practical decision as well as the design decision to have. Some glass Splash-Backs walls contain designs that are large and need more surface area is a plain solid color that may  need to be in two spots make a real impression. Another consideration is whether it’s going to be kept to a small area or if it’s going to be all the way to your ceiling and then back down to your floors. All these are important to make when designing your kitchen.

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Kitchen splash-backs Size

Another question to ask yourself about your glass Kitchen splash-backs. is what size what you like the pieces of glass to be looking for something to be all one piece. Or would it be better if it came in small tiled and shaped pieces to create a pattern or mosaic. Tile is a great way to add patterns to your Splash-Backs. It can be a pattern from the tile itself being a different size and shape. When glued or grouted into hexagons, triangles or diamonds shaped tiles a clean pattern emerges. If a more intricate or colorful, pattern is the aim beautiful painted tile maybe something you’d like to look into. each tile will have a pattern and make a much larger intricate pattern when put together. This can be visually beautiful but it can also be quite expensive depending on the amount of detail and number of tiles.

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Glass Kitchen splash-backs can have more than just a functional personality. They can also make your kitchen look like a one-of-a-kind art piece  that will be the envy of the whole neighborhood. It’s important find something that can make it really stand on its own.

A modern style of splashback is the mirrored style. The style make use of clean lines while trying to trick the eye into believing that the space is larger than it actually maybe. Designing with a mirror splashback is a daring design choice but has to be matched properly with cabinets and countertops. A clear glass splash would be ideal to put over a mirrored backsplash as a protector from messes and spills.

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Another detail that might be really nice would be lighting in or around your Kitchen splash-backs.. This creates illumination in dark corners and other places that maybe regular kitchen lighting just doesn’t reach. It can be very pleasing to the eye and provide a kind of night light at night and still being energy efficient.

There are a lot of different things to think about when it comes to glass splashbacks. Glass splashbacks can come in individual tiles or large pieces to be installed kitchen wall. It may be difficult to find and decide on placement and size as well as color. But don’t feel terribly pressured to make a decision right away since the splashbacks are usually the last thing to go into a kitchen. Letting you take your time to decide how much of a personal touch versus how much a functional touch you want your splash back to have.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choose Pool Fence

Pools are the best feature in any backyard. Summers get hot and sometimes it’s the only way to get the kids from in front of the TV. Outdoor space is enhanced with entertainments in a pool. However while enjoying a pool adding a swimming pool fence can help with safety. Pool fences keep kids and pets safe in off-seasons and also help maintain a sense of separate space feel like the pool is in the whole backyard.

Glass Pool Fence

Glass fences are sleek and modern. They provide protection for in-ground pools without creating an eyesore in the yard. The glass can be frame-less and look very simple and sleek without obstructing your landscape or pool views. You can also have it framed with pillars of a range of different materials to make it extra special. A really cool feature is some glass pool fences is that they can be frosted to make a truly unique and one-of-a-kind design. Glass fences are beautiful as they are functional.

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When deciding on a glass pool fence you must decide how tall you’d like it to stand. Do you want it to stand at waist-length or do you want it to just stand a little taller almost like a glass wall around your pool. Your glass wall is going to be made out of several panels. Your installer will ask about how wide and how tall you would like the glass to be to see options that you are trying. They also ask how large your pool is to ensure that if you have a large pool you’re not using a lot of tiny panes of glass to cover a large area.

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You will also decide how far away from your pool you would like the fence. Do you want it to enclose the pool all the way to the edge or do you want to leave a good amount of walking room and space. Your installer will give you lots of advice how far or how close from the pool you’ll want to place the fence. Ideally you want to leave enough room the pool then the question becomes do you want enough room for furniture like chairs and tables or do you just want enough room for a walkway to make it all the way around the pool. Another option is to make the fence come closer to the pool on one side and farther away from it on the other side.

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How many openings do you want in your glass pool fence? Do you want it just to open in one location or would you like more panels to open and close. It’s important to know where the opening for your glass pool will be. Will you have more than one door or pane of glass that pushes in or out of the pool area? Or will it just be a break in the pains that creates a entryway into your pool. Then how many entryways do you want? That’s when the purpose of the fence is called into question. Are you trying to keep kids and animals out of your pool safely in the backyard? Or are you just creating a visual boundary from pool to backyard?

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Would you like it to be frame-less almost seemingly one large piece of glass? Pool fences can come one of three ways frameless and semi frameless and framed. Each has a unique set of options to offer the owner. Frameless offers an unobstructed view of your pool area and the illusion that there is no barrier there at all. Framed glass fences contain glass panes that are held in by stainless steel posts. Semi-frameless is a mixture of both the poster there but they do not cover the tops and bottoms the painting of glass. Each has a unique features to offer once you’ve made your decision your contractor should be able to make your dream come true.

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Another consideration to make when choosing your class fence is whether you want the glass to be clear or etched or tempered. Each choice will give your glass pool fence a different look overall. Clear glass pool fences are common they offer an unobstructed view of the pool and other landscape. It makes the design very modern and offers clean lines. Etched glass can be attached with either a design or logo or It can be just made to look like etched glass. This won’t give you the clearview’s into your pool area but it can provide a bit of privacy. Tempered glass is for safety sake if you have small children. This glass is made to be stronger and withstand a good amount of pressure.

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Pool fences are great addition to any backyard. It creates safety and peace of mind to enjoy the pool the backyard together even when you’re not using the pool in off-seasons. There a lot of decisions to make once you decide ona glass pool fence. Your contractor can discuss more of your options as well as installation.

Contact Max Glass for a quote on your glass pool fence

All You need to know about Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrades give your indoor staircase a distinctive modern and clean finish. It makes your stairs more than just functional, it makes it feel like a piece of art in a museum. Glass Balustrades give a room more open feel allowing an unobstructed view of your upstairs second story. It allows for the light to flow through the home easily and makes rooms brighter .It is as beautiful as it is functional and maintenance is low. There are a few questions that your contractor will ask you before installation day of your glass balustrades. Each decision will ensure that the end product is everything you’ve envisioned for your space.

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Common question is how thick the glass has to be for your glass balustrades. Your contractors should be able to tell you what the requirements are for your residential space or commercial space. Your contractor should know the building codes for your state in order to tell how thick the to be. Another consideration would be whether to use tempered glass if you have children or if it’s in a commercial setting in order to avoid any broken or chipped panels.

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Another important decision to make when having a glass plus balustrade installed is how large you want your panels to be and how tall are you would like them as well. Depending on how the panels are going to be clamped and bolted to the structure it’s going to make a difference about how tall and how wide your panels can be. If you have a staircase that’s in a strange angle or placement a good question is whether the glass will be able to be cut to fit the space.

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A question that your contractor may ask you is whether or not you want your glass balustrade has to be frameless or not. Frameless glass balustrade can have only  the steel struts to hold the glass panes to the structure. It is beautiful and an unobstructed view of your second floor and almost feels as if the glass is just floating in place. Your handrail would have to be added to the opposite wall of the glass as there is nothing to attach it to other than the glass. This also ensures that guest don’t touch your glass as often. Adding a frame to your glass balusters means that frames are to be placed before the glass panes inserted. This creates a framed glass that allows you to also add a handrail on to the frame for safety and stability. It also give you more choices as to what materials you want to make to hand rails out of, weather it be steel or timber or wire.

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Another important consideration is weather or not the glass will be etched or if it will be clear.  Clear glass is a very beautiful and simple design feature allowing for it to blend in well with decor that will be around it. Etched glass offers a bit of privacy in area where you might not want to be able to see all the way through. Etched glass can also allow you to design logos and and art onto the glass, giving a commercial space a chance to make an impression when clients and customer walk through the door. You can further customize the balustrade by adding handrails that can be powder coated in a variety of colors to match the scheme of your design.

Maintenance should also be an important thing you discuss with your contractor before installation. Will the wires keep tension in them? Will the steel posts and struts rust? How often is it okay to clean these surfaces? Your going to want to ensure that the supplier of your materiels can provide replacement pieces and make sure they offer a warranty on the parts. Your contractor should also offer a warranty on installation as well as repairs to give you peace of mind that no matter what you’ll be covered.

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Never settle for less than an amazing finished product. A glass balustrade is an excellent addition to any home or business bring a kind of class and modern art feel to. Ensuring that you ask the right questions like size of panels, framed or frameless , handrail choices and more. Each decision will culminate to the larger beautiful piece .While there are quite a few considerations to make before you make it to installation day the end product will be unforgettable.

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Things you need to know about Bathroom Mirrors

Mirrors play an important role in our bathrooms.They give us the reassurance that we look great for the day or night ahead but they also a bit of style and grace to the bathroom as well. Wall bathroom mirrors can be dressed up and framed into different shapes and to match the theme and design of your bathroom. Adding framing lighting and decorative pieces around  wall mirrors really bring a sense of completeness to your bathroom.

Square Mirrors -Not So Boring Anymore

Square bathroom mirrors are a basic choice that can be made to go with any bathroom style. More often a large square or rectangle span for a length of the vanity for the users view .  Square wall mirrors usually come pretty basic, but there are things you can do to the mirror to make it match the rest of the bathroom design. Framing is a great way to break up a large square bathroom mirror. Nice colored molding makes for an interesting visual addition to any wall mirror . Including lights or any other kind of break up the look of a large mirror can make your bathroom look more unique. A ledge can also be added to the mirror to allow for a place to add decorative cups and soap bowls.

Round Bathroom Mirrors- Looking Good

Round bathroom mirrors lend a certain personal touch in a bathroom. It’s a focus piece meant to reflect just what’s important . Wall light fixtures on both sides of the mirror accent the round features. Borders on a round mirror can make it feel bulky if done too wide, however the vanity make the mirror look exceptional as well .

Round mirrors can be small and really focused or they can be a large and almost awe inspiring in a space. They look great when they’re floating but it’s also impressive when they look like they’ve been hung really well like a photo .Round Mirrors also allow you to get really creative with backsplashes or wallpapers along the wall behind them.

Storage – I Need More Space

You need so much stuff when you’re in the bathroom from lotions, hair brushes, razors and so much more .Some bathroom mirrors have to pull double duty because the vanity in the bathroom doesn’t have space to place things in . Medicine cabinet style mirrors are square and can be mounted on the wall. Shelves inside don’t provide a lot of space but they can be useful as storage for everyday things like toothbrushes, hair pins and deodorants. Some style medicine cabinets open on a hinge at outward and other kinds slide on a track to reveal storage behind the mirror. If you want a larger cabinet they can be customized with space on the inside, a luxurious addition to any bathroom.

Framing – How Does It Look

Mirrors can be framed a number of creative ways . You can make your mirror look like a picture perfect piece of art. Framing your mirror makes it look clean and upgraded and very purposeful Framings bring purpose to your lighting choices. It can be done with picture frame or if you can’t find a picture frame you can use floor and ceiling pieces which can be made into a real creative design. Another way to frame can be with reclaimed wood, tile or bamboo . Whatever you decide to frame your mirror with adding how much style.

Custom Shapes – As Unique As You Are

Maybe round and Square just don’t fit your idea of a perfect wall mirror for your bathroom. Fret not, mirrors can be ordered and just about any size and shape you can imagine . This will lead to an exquisite look that will be unrivaled by any other bathroom around. Custom shaped wall mirrors designs show your inner creativity. A custom mirror can really make your space feel uniquely modern or uniquely vintage depending your aim and design. There are so many cool and unique ways to make a mirror more than just a reflection. It can be a work of art that just so happens to be in your bathroom.

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It’s always recommended that you measure the space you have so that you can guess roughly how much space do you need for custom wall mirror . Also consider if you’d like a trim or border around . Also whether anything else will be hung near the mirror like shelves or lighting fixtures . Placing a light fixtures around your wall mirrors in your bathroom ensure that you get the perfect reflection when using it. Depending on your design you can add lights above, below and even behind the mirror to create is stunning display. Shelves around your mirror can add decorations and extra towels for your guest to enjoy .

Mirrors in the bathroom are more than just a space for you to look at yourself. They can be a work of art in your bathroom yourself and your guest to enjoy . They come in all shapes and sizes, helping further design you have going on in your bathroom. Framing and storage are important to accents and finish the look .

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How to Clean Glass Streak-Free Like A Pro

Follow the five simple tips from professionals to get a lasting shine on your glass and helps in Streak-Free Glass Cleaning

Let’s say you have a huge house, it has many glass work done in many places. You have a beautiful pool with a glass fence, an elegant bathroom with glass showers and huge mirror and a splashback mirror in the kitchen.

All these glass instalments need a good cleaning, either you need to hire a professional to do the job, or you deem to do it yourself. In any case, it will cost you nothing to know some basic and interesting tips as to how it is done the right way; even if you don’t live in a huge house.

Clean Water

Although this might sound mundane, clean water is the most important tool of a trade when it comes to cleaning glass. Of course, everyone knows what a clean water is, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The thing about glass is that you can see everything with it; all the minute details. This means if you are using hard water from the tape, all the particles and minerals will stick to your glass and you will end up with a shiny glass with streaks and lint on it.

Use distilled water, especially if you are diluting your glass cleaner.There are many ways to make distilled water.

Vinegar for Streak-Free Glass Cleaning

Vinegar stands out from the crowd, it is your winning candidate for removing stains from practically anything. The odour may irk you for the first few minutes but it will go away soon. After all its cleaning your glass for almost no price. Just make a vinegar solution, put it in a spray bottle, and sprinkle sparingly on the glass surface. Who needs chemical cleaners, when you can make an organic one yourself.

Don’t be soapy

The common mistakes that most people do, when glass cleaning , and perhaps this is the most commonly misunderstood perception, is to create so much soap on the surface. The fewer suds on glass the lesser streaks. Unless your glass has some deposits on it, coffee, tea or pet-food stains you should add some soap to your solution, but be gentle and go easy. Just make enough for the stains to go away.

Microfibre, not paper towels

Microfibres are life-savers when it comes to glass cleaning . Gone are the days when people used to carry huge rolls, paper and tissues. Microfibre will leave no streaks on your glass while paper towels will; a lot! So save your glass from an unlimited number of streaks and give the microfibre a thumbs-up. If you don’t have microfibre, go for your morning newspaper. It also does the job well, but don’t forget to wear gloves or you will have all the ink on your hands.

Dry Cloth

Last but certainly not the least; buff it clean. Again the microfibre cloth is an ideal, but if you have an old clean rag that should be fine too. This should be a quick job, just the final touches to the job you have done well. Afterall, you don’t want any streaks left behind. This part of the job, if done regularly after a thorough cleaning, can save your glass from accumulating a whole lot streaks and dirt.

So be it your kitchen splashbacks, the mirror and glass shower in your bathroom, pool-fence or the fancy glass balustrade; if you follow these helpful tips to clean them you are doing a wonderful job.

About MaxGlass

At Max Glass, we have extensive experience working on a range of projects of all sizes and complexity. The glass features we create for you will be tailored to your requirements and the style of your home. In other words, they’ll be unique, creating something you will want to show off to every visitor.

You can use our experience and knowledge to get advice about the possible glass features you can install in your home. To speak to a member of our team, please call us today on 021 02687818.


Top Tips for Keeping Your Glass Shower Screen Clean

Glass shower screens are superior to curtains in several ways. They look better, they can’t be pulled down like curtains can, and they are better at keeping water inside the shower. They also look cleaner than curtains which can stain, become faded, and generally start to look grubby over time.

It is important to clean your shower screen properly, however, to keep it looking its best.
Not only that, you have to keep the shower screen clean between your formal cleaning sessions. After all, the glass will lose its sparkle after just one shower if you do nothing with it.

So, here are our top tips for not only cleaning your shower screen, but also keeping it looking great all the time.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solution

You can use a purpose made cleaning product to clean your shower screen or you can make up a solution using normal household products. Some people prefer homemade solutions as they don’t contain harmful substances. One of the most common is a vinegar and water solution.

Wipe Down Daily

This is the most important tip on this list as it’s crucial to keeping your glass shower screen clean all the time. After you have a shower, water, soap, shampoo, and conditioner marks remain on the glass. This leaves streaks and smudges and leaves the glass looking far from clean.

The way to deal with this is simple – wipe down the glass once you finish in the shower. You can use an old towel or a cloth – anything to remove the water and soap from the surface of the glass. You don’t have to spend much time doing it – a minute or two after every shower.

Don’t forget to ask other people in your family and anyone else living in the house to do the same.

Buy a Squeegee

Following on from the last point, the best type of cloth you can use to wipe down your glass shower screen after every use is a squeegee. Squeegees are also great when you are doing a proper clean of your shower.

They are quick to use as they very absorbent, plus they leave the glass looking shiny and clean.

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Shower

Your glass will never look great however clean it is if other parts of the shower are neglected. It is, therefore, important you spend some time on those areas too. This includes:

  • Regularly cleaning and removing mould – your bathroom and shower are the perfect places for mould to form. It looks horrible, though, so clean it regularly. Also, make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated while you’re having a shower to help prevent mould from appearing.
  • Keep the walls and fittings clean – if the walls of your shower and the shower fittings are grubby, a clean and clear shower screen will simply make it easier to see them. In fact, you should wipe down the walls and the fittings after every shower just like you do the shower screen in order to get the best effect.
  • Don’t neglect the door seal – if you have a glass shower screen door, take some time to clean the seal as it can attract dirt and grime too.

By following the above tips, your bathroom, shower, and glass shower screen will always sparkle.

11 Tips for Cleaning Glass and Mirrors

It is easy to spot glass that hasn’t been cleaned in a while. Unfortunately, it’s also easy to spot glass that has been cleaned poorly – just look for the streaks and residue grime and dirt. In fact, cleaning can add streaks and make the glass look just as bad as before you started, depending on how you do it.

So, how do you clean glass to ensure it is streak free and extra shiny? Here are our 11 top tips.

1. Work from the Top Down

If you start at the bottom and work up, you will have drips running from the top onto the part you have just cleaned. So, start at the top of the glass and work your way down to avoid streak-causing drips.

2. Use a Homemade Glass Cleaning Solution

You don’t need an expensive glass cleaner to get the best results – a homemade solution using vinegar and water is just as good. Use one-part vinegar to four-parts water for glass that is relatively clean. For glass that is grubbier, add more vinegar.

3. Add Dishwasher Liquid

If the glass is particularly grimy or has a waxy film, add dishwasher liquid to your vinegar and water solution. Don’t use very much as it will cause streaks, but the addition of dishwasher liquid will clean away the grime. You can then use a vinegar and water solution to finish cleaning the glass.

4. Use a Squeegee

Squeegees give great results plus they make cleaning your glass easy. It is worth investing in one. Microfibre cloths are also good.

5. Don’t Use Paper Towels

Unless you want glass that is streaky, don’t use paper towels.

6. Rub the Right Way

Start rubbing the glass in a circular motion to clean it. Once you’ve covered the entire surface with this motion, go over it again with vertical wipes followed by horizontal. This will make sure it is shiny and helps to remove streaks. Also, it helps if you mix the horizontal and vertical wipes on glass that you clean on both sides. For example, on one side, rub vertically then horizontally and on the other, do the opposite – horizontally then vertically. This helps you spot streaks.

7. Dry the Glass

Streaks appear on glass that is not dried after being cleaned so make sure you dry and buff the glass. Also, try to dry the glass immediately after you clean it.

8. Get the Corners

Use a smaller tool to get into the corners of the glass. A cotton bud is ideal.

9. Finish with Newspaper

If you still get newspapers in your home, they are a great tool for cleaning glass. Use a scrunched-up piece at the very end and rub it over the surface of the glass. The ink on the newspaper removes any remaining streaks and leaves the glass ultra-shiny.

10. Try to Clean Glass on a Cloudy Day

Streaks appear on cleaned glass when the cleaning solution dries too quickly. This happens most often when you clean the glass on a sunny day. Cloudy days are, therefore, best.

11. Avoid the Frames

Do your best to keep the cleaning solution away from any frames on your glass, particularly if its wood.

Finally, the more you clean your glass, the easier it is to keep clean. Plus, glass that is always clean looks better in your home.